Don’t miss…

Yesterday, Miss told me the truth without hesitation. She told me I lacked spatial awareness a couple times. She told me to stop interrupting her while we both worked in the office. She told me the truth about some of my PA with a few of my clients. I didn’t particularly like hearing any of her words the moment I sensed there was some correction in them. I, kinda like most of you, don’t go around looking for course correction from my loved ones. My weak, needy, can’t get enough validation self, wants more compliments especially close to home. The truth is I need critical feedback. So do you…

You and I have blind spots. Your teammates have blind spots. Your job, if you’re a leader, is to illuminate blind spots – your own (with the help of a few) and your teammates. Illuminating blind spots sounds good. It is. It just sucks when it’s being done, either by you or to you. Your job, leader, is to love your team enough to tell them hard truths regarding their performance early and often. Your problem, most likely, is you know this but you’re holding out hope. You hope your teammate will somehow figure it out on their own. You think you’ve already done it. You don’t want to be that guy. So, you strategize, socialize your position, and sit tight. The longer you wait, friend, the harsher the light.

Your teammates have blind spots. You do them no favor when you don’t tell them what you see. Today, speak truth in love. Get your teammates attention because you love them and want what is best for them and you. Make them play it back to you. Make sure they heard what you want them to hear. Make them write you what PA they are going to baby step into on their way to closing their performance gap. Love them enough to follow up and inspect what you expect. Celebrate progress. Challenge them to keep reaching. Good.

Thanks, Miss for being beside me. Thanks for helping me see some of what I’m missing. Who, friend, cares enough to keep you from missing? Who, friend, do you care for enough to make sure they don’t miss?

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