Go Bucks…

As most of you know who follow this blog, I’m a huge Jayhawks fan. Basketball is in my blood from growing up in Salina, Kansas. So, this time of year I get a little caught up in March madness. The past two March’s, however, I’ve added a new love to. I love to cheer on my favorite sports team – The Ohio State University wrestling team. You see, Coach Ryan and his team of grapplers have been practicing with BTL for two seasons now. So, this fine day and yesterday, I’ve been following each of the eight grapplers like they’re family. We’ve been getting tired together during BTL practices, working on becoming ONE, building trust with another, and working on becoming mentally tougher and tougher. These men are super tough. I want them to perform at their peak. Their enemy, just like yours and mine, is that little voice that plays in our head. The difference between your best and your “good” is oftentimes found between your ears. These men have been working hard to become elite in every way.

So far so good.

Today, at Madison Square Garden, four Buckeyes have made it to the final four for their weight class. Four men are two wins away from being crowned as a National Champ. Awesome. The team is in a fight for second place overall and is chasing a top to bottom tough team of Nittany Lions. The enemy isn’t another team or even the next opponent. The enemy is most often the one we face well before we hit the court, the mat, or the conference room – the enemy within.

So, tonight, Buckeye’s remember the words of Tervel and keep your mind focused on putting yourself in all the perfect positions. Wrestle free. Enjoy the moment in the bright lights of Broadway, so to speak. Celebrate the progress. Accept the challenge. Focus only on the moment when you’re in it. Do not let the brain go forward or retreat into fear. Focus on the moment and enjoy it. Coach, remember, it’s your job to celebrate & challenge. Celebrate and challenge.

I can hardly wait for our next practice, next week, where we being preparation for an even better 20117. Go Bucks. Go Bucks, it’s going to be good…

1 thought on “Go Bucks…

  1. Me too! “7 good minutes” will never be the same. Flow is all about being fully in the present. Go Bucks! “Flow” Bucks!

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