Flow surprise…

Sunday morning as I waited on Krits to arrive at The Cause Church in KC, a young, bearded fellow approached me at the coffee counter and without so much as breaking his stride said, “You’re Chet, right?” Not recognizing him at first I’m sure my response sounded sheepish. “I’m Ryan, Kristi’s old trainer,” he offered to stir my memory. Suddenly the old neural networks fired and we enjoyed a nice 3-5 minute convo. I especially enjoyed hearing how he subscribes to the blog and had, in fact, gone out on his own. Who knew…

The next day one of my favorite “not sure what he believes clients,” turned me on to the latest Toby Mac lyrics (his childhood friend). Toby Mac is the former lead singer of the band, DC Talk, one of my all time favorite Christian groups. My sisters in law still follow Toby but I hadn’t listened to any of his new stuff, at least until this morning. Who knew…

Later today, we’ll be having practice 22 with the OSU wrestlers and their head coach, Grappy. The season is over. Two individual National Champs and a team third place finish signal it’s time to celebrate. We will. And, as Grappy told me , he’s got the whole team (including seniors) coming to BTL practice today. “They all really need it,” he exclaimed last night while we talked. We’re gonna celebrate and challenge. Good. Who knew these bookends belong together. Who knew…

Later this week, I have another surprising encounter on the schedule. I have no idea why we’re meeting. My plan is simply to show up and go with the flow. One thing I’ve learned through the fourteen years of living my opus is it’s good to not know. I’m no longer trusting “the man” to take care of me. My work arrangement are very insecure. I have no long term agreements with anyone. Instead of this igniting fear, this lack of certainty feels like freedom to me. My mind is focused on mastering my craft, serving whomever’s in front of me, and loving both like a banshee. I’ve discovered it’s good to show up and embrace the surprise that comes when you don’t lock in on an either or outcome. Flow moments seem to require this mindset, my experience tells me. Flow happens oftentimes when we least expect it. Good.

Your comfort zone is all about embracing certainty. Your challenge zone is all about uncertainty. You don’t know if you can do it. You don’t know how it’s gonna play out. Fear kicks in here, in your challenge zone. Funny, this is where deep change resides too. Flow happens when you “take courage, step out of the boat like Peter, and keep your focus on your aim, not your adversity.” Thanks, Pastor Lee, for another unexpected flow moment filled with learning. Thanks for another flow surprise. Who knew.

I mean come on man, who wouldn’t want to walk on water, even if only for awhile.

Who knew…



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