Dreamers and accountants…

Today, sitting in the 3PP with Grappy, the aim of living an integrated, whole life came crashing in on me with clarity. Let me attempt to explain. Grappy is authoring his opus for his wrestling team and it’s really cool and inspiring. However, because he works for the state, he is somewhat split. He has to choose his words carefully. He works for the state and believes in the church. The official church/state split, therefore has him measuring what he says and does. He’s divided.

Dreamers have to do laundry, show up to practice on time, and pay their taxes. Accountants, in addition to making sure debits and credit equal out, gotta make room for laughter, music, and love even though none of those equal anything, really. We all have right or left hemisphere preferences when it comes to our craniums, yet we don’t leave home without ’em both. Why would we expect someone to only bring half of who they are to their place of work? Why would we call that freedom? Why wouldn’t we expect you to simply bring your whole self to work and accept other whole selves too?

Great works and great lives are not divided or even balanced. Great works and great lives are integrated. Some of you, because of where you work or even where you live, have a hard time integrating who you are, what you believe, and your work and life’s aim, into ONE. Integration is hard individually and really hard collectively. This is why the BTL purpose ends with the somewhat strange, descriptive statement of becoming one collectively. We define one,collectively, as follows:

“ONE, distinct and deeply connected.”

Our aim is to create a culture where you become one – distinctly you. And, you deeply connect with other distinct individuals many of which are very different from you. We believe integrated individuals, integrated teams, and eventually an integrated team of teams, is where elite performance emerges and extrapolates. This is the one you want and nothing about this is easy. You and I will be out of our comfort zone as we become distinct and stay deeply connected with distinctly different kinda folks. Picture a dreamer and an accountant deeply connecting. Imagine a dreamer and an accountant learning to laugh at their deep differences instead of loathe. Imagine a dreamer and an accountant making each a bit better as one teaches the other how to lean against tendency. Imagine a dreamer, an accountant, and every other kinda variety feeling free to be who they are, all while making us collectively better. This system would be freakin’ magic and messy at the same time – just this side of chaos. Back in the day, I believe, this was the American dream.

Living an integrated, whole life, has never been easy. Embrace this pain. Model the way. Accept others. Keep working. Keep working. Keep working. Be ONE. Good…

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