Hit AND Hug..

…is what LOVE does.

This was the melody line of today’s voluntary 7am practice #224 for a group of 40 or so believers from multiple systems who gather to study/learn/apply from the Master’s playbook.

Today was another reminder we all have tendencies which inhibit us from experiencing true ONEness.   Some of us tend to hit but not hug.   Some of us tend to hug but not hit.   Some of us tend to receive but not give.   Some of us tend to give but not receive.

What are your tendencies?   your team’s?

Like work AND life, tough AND tender, speaking AND listening – the magic little word is “AND.”

If you want a better marriage, family, partner, friendship, or team, get better at giving AND receiving hits AND hugs.

A culture which does neither has  NO love.   A culture which only hits is filled with fear & hiding.   A culture which only hugs is filled with false love & lies.    A culture which hits AND hugs has truth AND love – and grows ever more distinct AND deeply connected.

The ONE most committed to you does both.   The ONEs to whom you are most committed do both.

Together we improve – but only as we hit AND hug.



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