Together we are eustressed out…

You don’t feel stressed out.

You either feel distressed or eustressed. Stress is simply a challenge that promotes growth. More stress than you can “comfortably” handle, feels like distress. Less stress than you can manage leads to boredom,stagnation, and complacency. The sweet spot is eustress where you are out of the comfort zone “reaching” but it feels like you gotta chance. This is how you grow.

One persons hyper-stress is anothers challenge. One persons ho-hum, is anothers reach. The magic to managing your stress levels is two-fold. First, you’ve got to improve your tuneage. Finding your eustress, high performance, sweet spot requires fine tuning your capacity and matching it to the proper kinda challenge. Too easy and you’ll soon be bored and quit. Too hard and you’ll soon be burned and out. Once you’ve tuned in, you’ve got to push on. This is the second half of the equation and the one that stops most. You cannot increase your capacity without increasing the challenge. And, sometimes, this results in you falling. When we do pulls in the 3PP I see people embracing the push. Going from the sissy bar to the high bar and then jumping up on the beam is a stress to each of us. Good.

The key to you experiencing more of the helpful effects of stress, requires you embracing one of your deepest fears – the fear of failure. You cannot lead a team of high performers without celebrating your own missteps. You have to model the way and the way forward always involves falling – always involves pain. Most of us have a very low tolerance for pain. We’ve become soft and think we’re hard. Today, push yourself outside your comfort zone and see what happens. Tune into how it feels. Push toward something that energizes you. And push toward something that has felt like it’s always just outta your reach. Embrace the fall and get up again, whatever it is that represents your challenge of choice.

Pretty soon, the sissy bar that used to own you will seem like childs play. Go on, jump up and grab onto the high bar. Feel the roughness of the bar digging into your soft hands. Pull. And, why not take the leap and grab hold of the high beam. Feel the steel put some kinda incredible pressure on the tips of your fingers, grit your teeth, and pull yourself up anyway. Feel the rush of blood through your body as it does something it felt it could NOT. Your brain is now on a natural high. You are tasting some proper stress. You are growing. You are, in fact, eustressed out.

Tomorrow a team of grapplers are going to meet a team of older men. I’m looking forward to being eustressed out with young and not so young. We’re going to grow. Together we improve, isn’t just some nice tag line for BTL. Together we improve is what we demand from ourselves and expect from our clients. Together we are eustressed out is the real truth. Good…

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