I love music with a message as most of you have already discovered. To the dismay of my family, I’ve added another artist to this ever expanding list. His name is Bob Dylan. Here’s a word from him taken from the dvd titled, No Direction Home. 

“I find myself writing this song. This long piece of vomit that’s 20 pages long! And out of it I took the song, Like a Rolling Stone and made it a single. I’d never written anything like it before. And it suddenly came to me that this was what I should do. After writing that, I wasn’t interested in writing a novel or a play or anything else. I knew like, I had too much…I wanted to write songs!”

As I research great teams and great lives I hear this story told over and over. Call it an “aha” moment, moment of truth, calm in the storm, or any number of other labels. We all have moments in life where we can clearly see our way home. For most of us though, they pass quickly without much thought and without any action.

My wake-up call came from an unlikely source and activity. I was flying high running sales for CompuServe, hanging out and working with my best friends. Our CEO, Maury Cox asked me to go to the Center for Creative Leadership and “check it out” for the team. I fought him. Back in 1993 I wasn’t sure of many things but one thing I knew for sure – that was not home. After 6 of the longest days of my life, I had a change of mind. I came back and told Maury to send all our leaders to CCL and do it now. He told me it was too expensive but was happy for my clarity. That wasn’t good enough for me. So, I volunteered to start up our own leadership institute and he agreed to let me do it in addition to my day job – his words.

Today, during practice seven with a team of leaders, we heard a few dreamers who are doing something about it. We were reminded of the power of the pen and the power of sharing our penmanship, so to speak. A few leaders shared their vomit and instead of feeling pukey it felt powerful. ANP believed his teammate. I believed Goalie, as did others. We walked out not feeling like a rolling stone but instead feeling like we’re rolling.


Today, my friend, discover your voice. Sing your songs. Everybody has fear. When it suddenly comes to you what you want to do, don’t hesitate. Take the leap. Actually, take the baby step. Isn’t that word change powerful? You and I tend to think that living our dream requires some kinda leap of faith. So, out of fear, we step back from the ledge and stop short of what we could become. We kinda become our own dream crusher, if you will. Stop that. Let’s reframe a bit. It’s not a ledge and we’re not staring into the abyss. It’s a stairway, instead, and it’s a roadmap toward home. I mean, come on man, who doesn’t love to know they’re on the way home.

Today, tell yourself to take a baby step toward home. Now we’re rolling. Good…

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