The language of high performers…

…takes ten thousand hours to master.

Join a new company, a new church, a new family, a new anything and you have to learn a new language. We humans can quickly sniff out who is fluent in a language and who isn’t.   How?   You can tell someone’s fluent when they don’t have to THINK about it.

When you are learning a new language, your brain struggles to translate from the old to the new.  The new doesn’t sound like YOU until your brain learns to THINK in the new language — until you make it your own.

Part of every new BTL engagement is learning to speak each other’s language.  Our client has a language and we have our own, but I’ve been struck lately about the phenomenon of why we can learn to connect so quickly.

If you’ve done any foreign travel, you’ve experienced how quickly you tune in to your native tongue in any crowd, and if you’re bi-lingual, the same is true of your secondary language.   If you’re a Frenchie travelling in Spain, you can still connect if you both speak some English.

We connect so quickly with new clients because we both recognize the language of high performance.   Many if not MOST of our clients are already the highest performers in their industry BEFORE they start working with us.   Let it sink in — the leaders who hire us don’t NEED us.   They’ve already spent ten thousand hours or more mastering their craft.  Their results speak for themselves.

We engage together to continue MASTERING the language and the thinking and the identity and the wordviews of high performance leaders, cultures, teams, and individuals.   This is what PRACTICE is for – to make high performance language second nature because it’s ingrained in the brain.   How do you master a second language?   You practice speaking and listening and writing with a facilitator – a fellow builder – who can help you learn & translate until it becomes your own.   This takes courage and humility.

This is why most of our practices are voluntary and why the ones who come are already the highest performers.    They broadcast their DONE SOs, not what they think they might do.  They have already thought about where they want to go in practice today and why.   They have shoot in their eye.   They sniff out posers, and call B.S. when they smell it.   They encourage those who are striving to become ONE with them, distinct AND deeply connected.   They want to be around other high performers and elite leaders.

In January, one of my newest high performing clients was thinking through whether to lower the top tier of his sales commission plan from 10k units/mth to something less because no one was even close.   He didn’t want to discourage them by having such a high bar.   Taking a play out of the BUILD YOUR CULTURE in the 8 Essentials playbook, we read about how Toto’s seemingly unattainable million dollar club soon became the norm for his team.   I asked my client what message lowering the bar would send.  “I don’t believe in them,” he replied as he nodded.    This past Thursday, we high-fived as 3 of his top 4 sales team celebrated breaking through the 10k bar – which he had renamed “Level ELITE”.

What language do you speak?   What language are you teaching?  What language are you PRACTICING?

Together We Improve.





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