The gift…

Another great day at BTL. Great workout early in the 3PP with eight teammates. Practice with the Apprentice as the sun comes up. Practice with Slo at our favorite Timmyho’s. Practice with CBear focused on finding the love. Practice with Grappy focused on finding, well, the focus. Practice with Dub over a couple salads, teas, talking tough debits/credits, and the discipline of the dub report. Good. Now back home to see my bride, pet my dogs, and hole up in my library with a fresh, new book. I’m in hour two reading and writing in Anderson Ericsson’s latest rant about the science of becoming elite. His latest collaboration is with Robert Pool and it’s titled, Peak. 

I’m learning something new about something I already know a shit-ton about – the science behind high performance. As Mike Frost told me fourteen years ago when he first hired me, “I actually believe this bullshit.” Yes I do. I believe the gift we’ve all been given isn’t limited to the gift of the particulars written into our genes. I believe the gift we’ve all been given is the ability to develop, well, our particular abilities regardless our genes or in spite of our jeans!

Deliberate practice produces elite performances. Deliberate practice and then practice some more. The gift you and I have been given is the gift of an elastic brain that we can mold and bend according to our will. We are limited by our practice habits more than our gene pool- really cool.

Another practice at four will put a wrap on another busy day invested in mastering my craft. Deliberate practice is the gift. What are you doing to take advantage of your particulars, friend. Use the gift. Keep working. Keep working. Keep working. Good…

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