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The second condition for flow is feedback. The best kind is from the work itself, especially when the work is your opus. The more immediate the feedback the better. Today, I invested a day with my Chicago client and some of his team. He and I have been working since late 2015. Translation. We’re just getting started. He’s a quick study and has been putting in the work. However, there is nothing like having a full day focused in one direction. Today, he’s tired and it’s a good tired. Today, you see, my client received immediate feedback and lots of it. He asked for it. He welcomed it. He didn’t have to wait for me to perform some formal 360 process or have associates fill out anything for him to learn.

Today, we got better. I rushed to judge and made plenty of mistakes. A few punches landed and we both left excited even though our energy burned through our reserves. You too could use more feedback from your team. Don’t wait for something formal or for someone else to initiate. Go get it. Let it in, even when your brain tells you it’s off base or, at a minimum, off putting. You can taste flow more than you know but you’re gonna have to hear what you aren’t accustomed to hearing to make it so. Feedback isn’t always fun when first received. But feedback may be just what you need to make you stronger.

Feedback, remember, is the breakfast of champions. Go get yourself some and then get some more. Good…

2 thoughts on “Get some more…

  1. Lately in my practices we’ve been reviewing the driver’s ed test…. a “green light” means it’s safe to enter the intersection. A “yellow light” means clear the intersection – get in or get out quickly. A “red light” means do NOT enter the intersection.

    All of us send “mixed” signals. Mostly your team/wife/kids are always battling low-grade fear they will get met head-on or t-boned if they come near you. Toto is telling you and me to make our signals more CLEAR, and make them more GREEN.

    My AND is in all your relationships, “ask” for a green light as a leader, husband, father before you just presume you have one. Even if you are right, you will be more effective if you do. And if you are wrong, you will be far more effective.

    Together We Improve.

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