Macklemore, mess, and mastery…

A few weeks ago one of kman’s krazies sent me a song titled Ten Thousand Hours, by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I had heard kman comment about M&RL but had never checked them out. I have now. Don’t normally like rap music but I like a bunch of what Macklemore has to say. Who knew…

The ten thousand hours track is all about the road to mastery, to becoming and belonging. It’s always messy becoming who you are, figuring out why you’re here, where you’re headed, not getting too beat down on the way up, and not losing your way once you’re on top. This track is the perfect ending to every BTL practice. Don’t wait to get busy working. Don’t wait to sing your song. Don’t wait for someone else to discover your voice. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and your situation. Don’t.

Make “done so” (Kit Carson’s mantra) your friend. Macklemore’s mess hasn’t stopped him from mastering his craft. Macklemore’s mess hasn’t stopped him from getting up and getting new songs done. His work is words. Nothing has been handed to him. He studies the greats and gets back to work. Don’t wait to master whatever is your craft, friend. Instead, make done so your friend.

Keep working, friend. Ten thousand hours and then ten thousand more. Keep working. Someday there won’t be an encore. Don’t wait for the heist…

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