Assume less 4.0…

Whether you are an extreme introvert or a bombastic extravert never at a loss for words, you are always involved in a deep narrative with yourself. Your internal narrative reflects three levels of thought: automatic thoughts, assumptions, and CORE beliefs.

The automatic thoughts are just as they sound; surface thoughts that happen to us all day. When you walk in your bosses office and there’s a bunch of suits in the room you might say to yourself, “Oh shit, this can’t be good,” or “Oh great, new people to meet.” Both are automatic thoughts. One produces anxiety; one produces excitement. Our automatic thoughts are not neutral and for most folks operate in our subsconscious mind. Elite train their brain to become aware of automatic thoughts, first. Once aware of them, elite rewire them to default toward the positive. Have you?

Your assumptions live between your automatic thoughts and your CORE beliefs and serve as a bridge – a rickety, scary structure or one of rare beauty. Your assumptions to the automatic thoughts above might be, “Oh shit, suits always are the bearers of bad news,” or ” Oh great, I may be shy but these folks sure look like some nice fancy pants.” High performers have learned to become aware of their assumptions and rewire them to reflect reality, not their deepest fears. Have you?

At BTL we believe your worldview, is like an internal matrix through which you interpret the meaning of life and attempt to make sense of it all. This is some powerful thinking here. And this is the root of your assumptions and your automatic thoughts, which aren’t so automatic, are they. Your thinking about adversity, the day to day, your relationships, your life, and even your wife, are rooted in your worldview. Most humans have not taken the time to actually author their own. Too busy and too distracted, they just keep having whatever narrative they’ve been having. This may be good and energizing for a few. For most humans, however, this leads to some kinda negative “self talk” because most humans tend to remember what went wrong more than what went right. So, of course, a negative narrative is the one the brain remembers and rewinds automatically when another suit shows up in the room. Funny, huh.

Want a better narrative?

Slow down and reflect. Author your worldview. Rinse it with a wise truth teller. Make certain it reflects reality not your anxiety and deepest fears. And, assume less about how much control you have over your thinking. Your brain isn’t hardwired. You are not your default wiring. You are not limited by your base personality. You are, I believe, made in God’s image and made to reflect His glory. You cannot do this with an untrained brain. God, help me assume less. God, help me change my nasty narrative (not my ‘bad’ language) and reflect more and more your thoughts, your assumptions, and the way you see me.

God, help me…

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