Audience of ONE…

This early morning practice the Apprentice and I covered some of his big fears. He’s afraid he’s getting so good at regulating his insecurities that he’s gonna turn into someone becoming unaware. He wants to distinguish real threats from false ones. He brought up the example of a perceived threat from a client and wanted to talk through it. Here’s our unvarnished dialogue, for what it’s worth.

“We talked about how to distinguish a threat from reality. You brought up the xyz example. He could be done or he could be scared. He could both. He could be neither. He could be a lot of things. I walked you through my thought process. Am I dead? Nope. Am I wounded? Nope. Is BTL dead or wounded? Nope. So, you are called to serve. Just serve. We jumped to another scenario. You learn to expect the blitz, you’re gonna get sacked and it’s just the game we are fortunate enough to play. You play for the audience of ONE, remember. Clients will come and go. A few may stay. Enough will become BTL that you’ll know you’re doing good work. You will make your peace with serving. Good.

Do the good work and let people choose their level of engagement. Let it go. We don’t play the game for our clients. We serve our clients. We play the game for our God and humbly do the best we can. You will still have a sleepless night, just not insomnia for week after week. Thank you, God. This is not a blind faith, it’s a deep faith rooted in reality. You will still be hurt by another and will still hurt others. You won’t become oblivious or ignore, you just won’t be as much a “play thing of others.” You will be a bit more steady and a bit more willing to repair. You will become more aware, not less. We talked through you letting your builder in but giving the Heisman to most. Most arguments you get from family, friends, and clients are well intentioned they’re just not well informed. Let them in. Your strong CORE will inform you what to let stick. The truth is very little feedback you’re gonna receive is food for thought. Most of it is simply weak, fear based, and well intentioned but not fact based or good protein to chew on. You play for an audience of one. Do good work. Aim to do better work tomorrow. Study. Learn. Apply. Humbly ask God for help. Listen to your builders, your brothers, your bride – the few beside you. Good. Expect the blitz. You are gonna get sacked. You are called to this work. Look for clarity above and from a few beside. So, so good.”

Whatever your calling, friend, keep working, keep working, keep working. What do you believe? Good…

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