CORE or crowd…

Sometimes we see elite performances and we’re inspired – sometimes we’re intimidated. We witness excellence in art, sport, or any endeavor and we “commit to be fit,” so to speak. We’re moved to eradicate sloppiness from our repertoire. We have become CORE conditioned to believe we have greatness within we simply have to keep working, keep working, keep working. We’re CORE conditioned. Good.

Sometimes we see greatness and we’re defeated. We can’t believe how much further along they are, how far they can hit it, how well they play the piece, or how calmly they spoke to the cantankerous. We see greatness and assume we can’t, we shouldn’t, we’re too late getting started, or too tired to play catch up. No amount of effort, we tell ourselves, could close the gap from here to there. We have become crowd conditioned to believe greatness isn’t for us and never will be. After all, we’re the spectator here. We’re crowd conditioned to watch, not work.

We choose to keep working or keep watching.

What informs your choices, friend? Are your choices informed by your strong CORE or the crowd. CORE or crowd. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Good…

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