Worldview correction often cures…

According to M. Scott Peck in his book The Road Less Traveled, it is essential for therapists to understand the worldview of their patients. “For the worldview of patients,” Peck begins, “is always an essential part of their problem, and a correction in their worldview is necessary for their cure.”

When I read this during team practice, it was if I dropped a bomb with the word “correction.” Who was I or Peck, or anyone for that matter, to “correct” anothers worldview. Their worldview is their worldview and they are free to believe whatever they want, right? The crowd was not liking Peck and liked me even less when I agreed with him.

Just because you choose to believe something does not make it “correct.” You are absolutely free to believe that gravity does not apply to you and any loving family, friend, or leader will attempt to correct your belief before you jump. You are free to believe your pain is unlike any other humans in the universe. You are free to believe you can’t help it that you were wired up all bi-polar and there’s nothing you can do except accept a life of crazy highs and diabolical lows. You are free to believe nobody on your team can be trusted, literally, and you’ve got to do it all. You and I are gonna need some kinda correction in our worldview, our beliefs, before we bring lasting change to our self limiting behaviors. I hope you are getting this.

Can you see a behavior you want to change but can’t quite get it done? Can you see the deeply held belief behind said behavior? Ask a truth teller or two to help you get to the root. Behavior modification rarely lasts. Worldview correction, however, often cures. Slow down and reflect. Good…

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