Practice 209…

Practice 209 went just as practice 208. Practice 207 – same. Here’s the melody line.

207 Hopper came prepared. He had written out his practice plan for where he wanted to take his team. So, we went where he wanted. 207 was FM, baby. 208 Durp decided where to take his team. So, we went where he wanted. His direction was not at all like Hoppers. FM, baby. 209 Ashley handed me a sheet of paper prior to practice and asked me if she could have the reins, at least for the initial burst she concluded. Her smile and resolve convinced me she wanted to lead her team. So, we went where she wanted. She wanted clarity on her opus and had the courage to share her work in progress with her team.

Every practice your builder has a plan. And, every practice, your builder is willing to go where you want to go. As long as you’re prepared. Elite prepare. In fact, elite prepare like borderline obsessives. Elite understand the power in preparation for practice because they’ve studied how habits are built. Elite prepare. Good.

Last night as I drove home from a full day of practices I smiled to myself. You see, Hopper and Ashley work for Durp. Durp owns the company. Durp is the sole owner. If you had decided to shadow me from practice 207-209 you would have no idea. None. You would conclude this company was owned by all three in some kinda crazy partnership. And, if you came to practice 210 you would think there were four. Want a team to run through walls for you? Want a team to take more initiative? Want a team that self organizes more than most? Want a team without hidden agendas? Want a team to carry you through the lean and celebrate alongside you after the harvest?

Become a better leader.

Every leader, remember, gets exactly the team they deserve. Good work, Durp. Keep working. Keep preparing. Elite prepare. Normal folks just keep showing up. Normal folks show up a little bit late, then a little bit later, a little disengaged, then a little bit more, and kinda like that top you played with as a kid they slowly lose energy and begin to wobble, wobble a little bit more, and then plop down suddenly in the weeds. Don’t be that guy. Instead, come prepared. Grab the reins. Your team is watching.

What habits are they catching from you…

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