Good to great…

Today, I was up early for a 7bells practice with OK. Ok and I had a FM moment or two as we came to clarity around his next moves. It was good. Next stop was over to Worthington and a visit with Robert and his first rinse at opus. His first rinse was good. He learned good isn’t nearly good enough when it comes to ones labor of love. He got it. It was good. Next stop was with Kyle and more discovery around what we’ve got to work with. He and I are very early in the process but he’s more than ready to get after it. It was good. A couple calls with Lockton clients, a short drive, and suddenly it was time to slow down with kman. Kman and I walked the fairways (and rough) of MVGC for the next 4 hours. We walked and talked. We talked work. We talked life. We talked kids. We talked Katie. We talked Tay. We talked Miss. We talked Jordan. We talked Ian. We walked and we talked.

We talked his opus and we talked mine. We reconnected like a couple old friends who’ve been busy building out their labor of love. It was good. NO. It was great. You see, kman and I are gonna grow old but not tired together. We’re gonna walk the fairways for as long as we can. I’m going to his kibitz and he’s coming to my kabutz.

Tonight I’m gonna share some steak with my Miss and tomorrow more of the same with my Krits. It is good to enjoy work and savor life. It is good. Today, friend, it was really, really great. Today, I kept it simple. Tomorrow I will as well. There is real power in simply knowing who you are and knowing what’s your aim. Good.

Thanks, kman, for a memorable walk in the park. We will do this again and it will be good. Actually, we will do this again and it will be great. We are going from good to great. Yeah, baby…

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