Leaders love the idea of becoming a jack…

We’ve all heard the saying, “Jack of all trades – master of none.” We tend to believe it’s true and yet how many of us don’t know the specific skills required to master our craft, whatever our craft is. If you’re an athlete, for instance, you don’t build general skills in athletics do you. You build skills in golf if you’re a golfer and skills in wrestling if you’re a grappler. So, golfers out there, what are the specific skills to master if your aim is mastering the game? Where would you begin? Why?

If you’re a business owner, CEO, or leader in your company, do you know the necessary skills to master whatever leadership role you’re in? Are you building domain specific expertise in your industry, your role, with your team, your peers, and, of course, with an ever deepening, critical understanding of yourself? Lead anything and you’ve got hours and hours and hours of study ahead of you. You’ve got to build lots of “mental representations” so you can sift through the noise and clangor of ideas and find the one or two you and your team have got to do. You see, one of the lynch pin skills for every leader is the ability to “find the melody line.” You can’t find the recurring theme without knowing your industry, your team, your competition, your CORE, your aim (OPUS), your fears, your financials, your history, your forecasts, and most importantly your friends.

Nobody is as smart as everybody and you’re gonna require the help of a few friends if you’re chartered with leading anything. Oh yeah, you’re gonna have to sniff out sabatouers too. Masters in the art of leading love their craft and their team. Seems like leaders just might have to be masters of all kinda trades. Leaders often get caught up thinking it’s all about getting enough “jack.” Turns out leadership is all about loving the idea of becoming a jack – a jack of all kinda leadership skills. In essence, a jack of all trades.

You beginning to see why leading’s got to be a labor of love? Good…

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