Kansas City…

This early morning I awoke in Hotel Sorella on the KC plaza and checked my email. My friend and client, Durp, had sent me a link from a guy he works with named Jeff. Jeff’s been trying to turn me onto the basement tapes for some time now. He knows I’m a fan of Bob Dylan and these tapes represent some lyrics he put together way back in the day but never turned ‘ em into songs. Our last team practice we talked a little Dylan around how he found clarity. Dylan wasn’t sure he wanted to write novels, plays, or songs. His labor of love was at a crossroads of sorts. So, he did what so many have done before and since. He threw up. Durps teammate, Jeff, been trying to simply get me to check it out. Jeff wants to help.

Back in the day, Dylan, threw up his thoughts and covered wall upon wall with words. He wanted clarity and went to great lengths to get it. Get it, he would. Out of the middle of his word vomit he found the lyrics to the song that changed everything – Like a Rolling Stone. From that moment on he knew he just wanted to write songs. And so he did.

A decade ago a young woman from Lockton STL came up to me after a non-descript team practice and told me I had to check out Bob Dylan back in 1964 at the Newport folk festival.  I hadn’t listened to much of Dylan back then. I don’t remember her name but she cared enough about our work to try to help me along. I checked him out and his tunes got under my skin. So ,so good.

So, this morning I decided to finally give a listen to what Jeff wanted me to hear. I clicked the link and settled in. I’d never heard the track but was pulled in immediately by Mumford and friends cover. Oh, yeah I’m in God’s country this weekend hanging out with Krits and getting ready for practices tomorrow from sun up to down. It’s gonna be really good to give. The biggest learning from this experiment called BTL has been how freakin’ magic it is to give. The more I get lost giving and get out of the way, the more good seems to come ’round. Funny, how oftentimes it comes around when I’m not looking for it too. Kinda like Jeff and his lost tapes link. The link was more than appropriate, you see, it’s all about returning to a long, lost love. The song track title?

Kansas City, of course…

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