Addictions are a lot of things but mainly, they are rooted in a feelings disorder. Throughout humanity’s history, we’ve been a people in pain. Forever and for ever, feeling pain was part in parcel to the gig. Modern man, however, has become too comfortable. We visit our dentist and expect to feel nothing. Our dentist’s don’t let us down. Most adolescent opiate addicts, research shows, had their first taste after having their wisdom teeth removed. This is beyond crazy when you think about it. We’re too comfortable being numbed. Numb we have become.

Not good.

Our fastest growing addiction aligns with our aversion to feeling pain. Opiate based pain pills are popped like M&M’s all over the place as people refuse to feel pain. Addicted we are becoming. Just open your eyes and you’ll see this all around you. Want to avoid this pitfall? Accustom yourself to feeling pain. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Allow yourself to feel life. Increasing your pain threshold happens when you decide to make it happen. Today, allow yourself to feel some pain. Today, put yourself in some acute pain. Your threshold will go up. You’ll see.

Elite in any endeavor understand this truth. Elite performers put themselves in acute pain on purpose. Today, during practice 16, we heard Rogue talk about this habit of starting his day in the acute stuff. Makes the rest of the day seem so much easier, he said. He’s made embracing pain and suffering part of his daily dose. What habits help you start your day right? What habits help you build gratitude before you set off for the grind? What habits help you come home energized for re-entry?

Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice. Feeling pain is not your problem. Pain pills just might be…

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