Raising Your Standards!

I had the opportunity to shadow my Partner Chet today and I do that because I want to master my craft as a Builder and to be able to serve my clients with Excellence. I try to shadow Chet at least once a week (wed. am) with a special team of young aspiring Elite Performers. I love the energy of this group and they show up early am ready to learn the Essentials of High Performance Teams.

The assignment for the team was for each of them to interview a Designated Expert in their area of the business and to find ways to improve Their Performance. What do these experts do on a day to day basis that allows them to perform at a high level in the business, behaviors, habits and daily rituals to name a few of the ideas they might explore.

This is what I learned from the team after their Interviews with the Designated Experts: “Ideas for improving their individual performance.”

  • Rising early to allow time for reflection, exercise and breakfast. I perform better when I take this time for me. I have more energy and motivation.
  • I plan my day early am and this allows me to show up ready to tackle the big priorities that will make a real difference and add value.
  • This might sound crazy, but I love a great cup of coffee and I get up a little earlier each day to drive out of my way to my favorite coffee shop and most importantly, not settling for a run of the mill cup of coffee. It’s a little thing for me that is a great start for the day!
  • I know their will be things that will come up in my day that are out of my control. I try to constantly remind myself to focus on what I can control and this can go a long way to mitigating adverse outcomes.

So there you have it, nothing to crazy, no big grandiose ideas or monumental goals. Just individuals who rise an hour earlier each day to exercise, early am planning, never settling for mediocre coffee or knowing this lady….never just settling for anything! These Designated Experts are constantly raising their standards, making small goals to get a little better and understanding that slow sustainable growth is the best kind!

 What are you doing to raise your own standards?

 Thanks for the Shadow Day Chet, this Builder walked away inspired to continue mastering my craft!

2 thoughts on “Raising Your Standards!

  1. Great thoughts Pete. Love the planning piece. So important. I find that an hour of productive thinking or work before 8am can be worth 3 hrs of more of work after that. Early to rise is a great motto for high performers. Awesome that you shadow Chet. Learning Mindset is so important!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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