An Inspiring Visit!

Many of you know WHY Built To Lead exists, you have read it many times on this blog…..”Built To Lead exists to awaken, challenge and together transform a few individuals, teams and leaders into one, ONE, distinct, deeply connected and Built To Lead.”

Yesterday my client (of 5 years) who personifies everything about our BTL Purpose Statement was introduced to one of my newer clients (1 Yr.) and he had an opportunity to share his compelling story and the innovative ideas that have transformed his business.

For me, this was a very gratifying day, seeing a client who did the hard work of defining his CORE and finding the Humility and Courage to build a great team of people. I can remember the day he was blaming others for the lack of alignment and lack of clarity in their messaging. I challenged him to take accountability for this mis-alignment and the lack of clarity and to start writing! He did and never stopped! He started writing a note every Sunday night to his associates and this one note turned into a weekly habit that he has NEVER missed writing in 5 years. With his permission, I now share this weekly note with many of my clients who struggle with their own clarity issues. He took the challenge, dug deep within and developed one of those “Key Stone Habits” that impacts every area of his business.

As I was driving home last night, I got a call from my new client and he shared the fact that they were truly inspired by this visit and the compelling story that was shared by a very passionate team. He realizes now they have some hard work ahead of them, don’t we all! Elite Performers never stop looking for that edge, those small incremental gains over time that separate the average performers from the Elite Performers.

Have you identified an Elite Performer or a High Performance Team and taken the time to visit with them, interview them with lot’s of curious questions?

What are your top two priorities for your personal development?


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