Get this…

Remember, your voice comes with a built in expiration date. Some last for decades and some only for days. Some more. Most less. Some humans tune you out and don’t know why. Some tune in simply because you’re in power or popular, at least with their crowd.

Your audience will only listen to you for so long. After awhile humans tune out regardless the quality of the content. Some tune out because they’re tired of hearing hard truth. Some turn you off because they think they already know all you’ve got to offer. Some just tune out because they like somebody else’s sound more. Some tune back in when you least expect it. A long weekend in Leland let me know this last truth firsthand. Good.

The really good news, however, is you and I can always choose to listen. We can give our tuneage to those teens, twentysomethings, and toobigfortheirbritchesfamilyfriendsand clients who’ve tuned us right on out. You and I can choose to be “all ears.” Good. Really good. You and I can listen and give the gift of getting another. You and I can get them even when they clearly don’t want to get us. Get this, my friend, your voice has a built in expiration date; your ears, not so much.

Ears don’t expire until we do…

2 thoughts on “Get this…

  1. I like this reminder. Thank you.
    As I observe myself and others as we age, I’ve made the observation that most of the angry or upset people I come across are mostly mad because of what someone did not do for them. A focus on me.
    When I focus on what I can do and go vertical on what I can not control I am at peace

  2. Thanks Chet! Another great reminder for me to stay tuned in, make that choice to listen and understand that yes, some folks will choose to tune you out!

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