Lockton, chaos, control, and Lenin…

Coalitions, as I wrote earlier, sound chaotic because they are – by design. Coalitions operate just this side of chaos because just this side of chaos is where elite take up residence. Companies, big and small, all started as coalitions. Somewhere along their journey they choose to organize more formally. Large companies, however, can operate as coalitions. One of best clients, Lockton Companies, has over 6,000 associates worldwide and yet they operate more like a coalition than a command and control kinda company. The key at Lockton comes down to the owners/leaders willingness to create a culture where freedom trumps absolute control. Freedom, wedded with responsibility produces this kinda culture. It feels just this side of chaos. It performs. It attracts autonomous elite. It requires strong leadership that isn’t heavy handed. Really, really hard.

Building these kinda coalitions is foreign to most leaders because most leaders share Lenin’s worldview more than they want to admit. Lenin spoke for the majority of leaders when he said: “Freedom is good, but control is better.”

Want a better team? Choose to live like Lockton and take up residence just this side of chaos. Lenin’s time is long gone. Give up some control, my pyramid loving commander. Good…

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