Jake, Jim, Warriors, and kairos moments…

I walked into Porsche service this morning after an early morning practice with old Kenny thinking I was ready to write my rant as I waited on a new tire. Ole Kenny and I had a great practice and I couldn’t wait to capture the learning in written form. I had no idea. As I walked into the waiting room, I noticed another man sitting in waiting and walked on by. My mind was on some caffeine and getting busy on my craft. Problem. The coffee maker was unplugged. I turned to the mystery man and asked if he knew where I could get some Joe. He got out of his seat and showed me how to operate the “Porsche” of coffee machines. It was right in front of me, I just didn’t know what it looked like. He smiled sincerely and asked me about my socks, of all things. We engaged in a quick, funny convo and after thanking the kind man, I sat down and began to write.

I didn’t sit for long before my new friend, Jake, interrupted.

He asked me about my car and I told him it was in for a new tire. He was here for a car wash on one of his. He then began to tell me why he’s such a Porsche nut. I told him about my start with the brand and on we went. After a handful of minutes talking cars, he asked me what kinda work I’m in, so I told him the BTL elevator speech. He went ape freakin’ crazy. Jake Clark is his name and he just moved here a few years ago from Cali. He has an awesome foundation that works with warriors suffering from Post traumatic stress. The foundation is called appropriately, Save A Warrior. Give it a Google search and check it out. Jake and I sat beside each other for the next hour and went headlong into conversation. He turned me onto some new books and I introduced him to some new depth to an already great work he’s engaged wholeheartedly in. We are kindred spirits serving different but eerily similar kinda people. He is all about servant leadership and began his journey in the US military, followed it with years serving as a policeman, FBI man, and after 9/11, re-enlisted to serve again in our military. Jake and I did not meet by accident. I believe, this was another divine kinda intervention that seem to follow me the more I follow the ultimate servant. Funny, huh.

So, today, I signed up for a waste of time waiting on a car repair. Instead of doing time in a waiting room, Jake and I had some kairos moments we couldn’t have scripted if we tried. We exchanged emails and I’ve already been to his website and devoured it’s content. BTL is gonna serve his mission and I know why. Jim Gant, my cousin Ann’s husband and retired Green Beret, called me yesterday to tell me he’s coming to Cbus later this year to share some of his leadership learning with the BTL Cbus clientele. Neither he nor I knew there could be another divine appointment around their visit. We do now. So, so good. So, so fortunate. So, so thankful.

So, today, my friend, get busy living. Get busy living according to your strong CORE and in alignment with your OPUS. Get on your builders journey. Your Jakes, Jims, Tom, Dick, and Harry’s are out there waiting to help bring your big dream into reality. The hardest part is just getting started. The universe won’t bend to help you until you’ve broken out of your slumber and decided to leave the comfort of your Shire, whatever that is. Today a kairos moment hit me when least expected. Serendipity, yes. Coincidence? I think not. Good…

3 thoughts on “Jake, Jim, Warriors, and kairos moments…

  1. Chester,

    As usual, great post…Thank you for what you do and please tell Jake ‘thank you’ for what he does as well. I hope to meet him some day and I am really looking forward to coming out in the fall.

    All the best!


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