Organic growth, please…

Everyone wants their system to grow. Think about your company or any community you’ve come across that feels kinda cool. You can bet it’s not stagnated, right…

All healthy systems grow. As they grow, however, most healthy systems pick up a virus called “downsideofgrowthsyndrome.” DSOG, as it’s known in professional circles, is never planned. It just happens. The bigger your company gets the less time it takes to bring it’s newbies into the fold. Oh sure, there’s the obligatory Monday orientation kinda stuff, but it doesn’t have the same startup kinda feel, does it.

No Executive Committee’s sit around and decide to become beuracratic, do they. It just happens. DSOG sets in. There’s simply not the time there used to be to connect, to practice, and to build trust like we had back in the day. This is why it matters to make practice a discipline early and often as you grow up. This is why BTL makes practice a discipline, first, with every leader we build and then we make practice a discipline with their team. And, this is why we practice going backward in most BTL practices. We go back over ground we’ve already covered and make sure the newbies really connected to what we said. We go back and master the basics. We go back, much to the frustration of the normal leader who is fixated on fast forward. You see, DSOG is preventable. The virus only thrives in cultures overly committed to growth. These systems suffer because this fixation causes un-problemo.


Organic growth is the one you want. Organically, systems grow sustainably. Stronger ones grow faster than weaker. And, strength is built slowly by stretching and challenging. In other words, strength is grown in alignment with the quality of your practice. This is why masters emphasize perfect practices even-though perfection isn’t possible. DSOG syndrome will not take root in organically strong systems. Practice ensures that your system gains strength. Organic growth simply follows accordingly.

Growth is good; organic growth, that is. Calmly, sustainably build this. Do not get addicted to growth the market dictates, your advisors predict, or Wall Street expects. Fixate of organic growth, please. Grow organically. And, remember, keep working, keep working, keep working. Good…

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