The truth is crisp, clean, and oftentimes has an antiseptic kinda sting to it. You and your team, most likely, need a cleansing sting a bit more often. Kinda hurts to hear, doesn’t it…

Your team is NOT defined by the beliefs you espouse. Your team is defined by the behaviors it allows, condones, encourages, and disciplines. Fact.

You are defined by your behaviors. Healthy humans author their deeply held beliefs and align behaviors accordingly. They close their own integrity gaps when they say one thing and do another. Healthy cultures do likewise. Healthy corporate cultures have to be fought for. Growth makes it hard to maintain a healthy culture. Shrinkage makes it hard. Marrying the status quo makes it hard. Healthy cultures must be cultivated and nurtured. Yesterday, I observed a culture under attack. Growth, in this case, was the enemy of corporate health. The leader is driving this aim and creating a culture of busyness. The team does not have the time they once enjoyed to simply be together.

The truth is that few teammates believe they can change their corporate culture. Funny, it’s always been only a few that do.

Few take the time to routinely, rigorously, and uniformly align beliefs and behaviors. Few. Few leaders have the nerve for fixing their cultures alignment issues. Few teammates feel they’ve earned the right. Few, truth be told, want to take responsibility for their own culture much less their company’s. All it takes to build a healthy culture in your corporation is a few with the nerve to fight for right – a few willing to fight for the kinda culture they want. A few willing to take on their driver, if you will.

Are you?

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