The beauty tonight…

Back in 1893, Chicago hosted the Worlds fair. The Ferris wheel was revealed here. Edison’s lightbulb lit up the place. And, the Chicago Athletic club was completed just prior to the fairs opening in 1891. Today, looking out the 8th floor “White city” banquet room windows, Miss and I took in a piece of architectural history. The room has been restored to it’s original luster and it is a beauty. From the marble floors to the Italian sculptured ceilings it takes your breath away. You see, the old athletic club is now a beautiful hotel. The owners have restored it into a masterpiece and you can feel the love in the details.

As Miss and I head out tonight for a little 34th year celebration of our marriage, I’m reminded of how good it is to take care of old relationships. It’s so easy to lose our way and forget to keep working on the beauty beside us. It’s so easy to take for granted and get caught up in something or someone new, fresh, and less known. Like great buildings, our most precious relationships have to be maintained and nurtured, forever. We can build timeless beauties in buildings and in relationships. We have to remember to keep working, loving, and being with. Slowly, masterpieces are built in work and life. Slowly. So, slow down, friend.

Today, I was blown away by the beauty in this city and particularly in this Chicago Athletic building. My Miss is just finishing getting her little boots on, her hair just right, her best blouse on and I’m in my best hybrids priming the night with a Coldplay playlist before seeing ’em live in a bit. Beautiful day. Beautiful night. Beautiful bride.

Remember, friend, we are wired for beauty. Tonight, I’m going to be with my beauty. I’m going to take in a beautiful meal, a beautiful concert, and a beautiful walk along the water. It’s going to be a beauty, kinda like today. I hope the same is true for you, friend. Pay attention. Slow down. Slow way down like a good Coldplay anthem. Take in the few around you. Good. And, Joey Lamb, thanks for the champagne – ’twas a beaut!

Don’t miss the beauty tonight…

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