Resisting impulse, Nate, high performance disciplines, and kicking some butt…

Nate Tomasello is an Ohio State Wrestling junior to be this coming fall. He’s already a two time Big Ten Champion, NCAA champion, and NCAA 3rd place finisher. He’s also got a g.p.a hovering just under 4.0. However, his greatest accomplishment hasn’t a number or title tied to it…

This morning Nate showed up at my house at 5:55 to ride hill intervals with his coach, me, and six other old guys. He couldn’t join us for core work. You see, he hasn’t been cleared yet by his doctors as he just underwent shoulder surgery at the end of last season. Yes, he was kicking serious butt last season with one shoulder at full strength. He didn’t complain, he just kept working. Which leads us to Nate’s signature strength. Nate has an incredible ability to resist impulse. Whether it’s not hitting snooze on morning’s like today, running “C deck” on dog day afternoons, or simply listening to his coaches/doctors to not do too much too soon, this young man has an incredible reservoir of strength for doing the right thing. Nate has a strong CORE and humble heart. This combo makes his coaches and teammates marvel and his opponents tremble. I pity the fool that tries to dive at Nate’s tree trunks this season.

Nate’s signature strengths are shared by most elite performers regardless the endeavor. Elite resist impulse if sustained excellence is their aim. Many athletes, producers, and performers around your place of work, can put up Herculean efforts every so often. Many can get by on talent for a time. Many can make it happen once in awhile. The few, like Nate, resist the impulse to take a day off during the offseason and simply keep showing up while others opt out or simply take it easy. The few.  As Nate departed this morning he said he wouldn’t be back on Thursday due to doctors orders. You could see it in his eyes that he wanted to come back for more. He was bummed. So were we. However, his Dr. Cuttfirstaskquestionslater gave him clearance later today. It took Nate about three seconds to send email to the 3PP and Grappy – He’s coming for both ride and rip. Look out. He’s cleared.

“There is perhaps no psychological skill more fundamental than resisting impulse. It is the root of all emotional self-control, since all emotions, by their very nature, lead to one or another impulse to act. The root meaning of the word emotion, remember, is to move.”

Daniel Goleman

What impulse do you need to resist to improve your performance in work/life? Who around you inspires you to keep going? Are you surrounding yourself with people who make you stretch or mediocre settlers you can beat down with your eyes closed? Are you controlling emotions or controlled by them? Slow down and reflect. Good. Now you too are cleared.

Go kick some butt…


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