Last month, driving from the Edinburgh, Scotland airport to Gleneagles golf resort, we drove by the William Wallace memorial. William, you may remember, is the man credited with setting the Scot’s free. Our cabbie had Taylor, Doug, and I laughing our butts off as he described his childhood learning linked to “fooooknn#$% freedom.” You see, our cabbie, like most of you reading this rant doesn’t get the big deal about freedom. I mean come on man, aren’t we all free!

Well, in a word, No.

Today, FD called to tell me about his newfound freedom. FD, you see, on Monday at 4pm central time, finished working where he’s been employed the past sixteen seasons. The first few he loved, the middle ten he tolerated, the last few he’s kinda less than loved, maybe even leaned toward – loathed. I can oh so relate. You?  Today we welcome our first new builder to the BTL band in quite some time. We are a small band of builders. Always will be, by design. Petro, Gurue, Browny, Kitty, and I would like to introduce our newest teammate to you. His name is David Deck. I renamed him long ago. I recognize him as Frickin’ D which is most often shortened to simply FD.

FD, today, reminded me how powerful it is when we feel free to be who we are, pursue whatever are our passions, aligned with our purposes, toward our big dream, and with exactly the team of our choosing. Complete freedom comes with huge responsibility, however. Freedom is not free. Never has been. Never will be. Thanks, William, for fighting for freedom from tyranny so long ago. And, FD, thanks for taking advantage of the gift and  welcome to the band. We are so stoked you’re here.

Freedom. Good…

6 thoughts on “Freedom…

  1. Congratulations FD!!! The band is lucky to have you, just as you are lucky to have the band. You are going to soar, my friend!

  2. Freedom from is good… Freedom to be & do a life of Opus is even better! Welcome officially to the band. Work your flywheel so it spins as freely as you are.

  3. Thanks TFM and Gurue. The unexpected freedom I feel is more about the emotional mind shift you get when you’ve faced your fears, doubts, and insecurities and came out the other side more alive then you’ve ever been.

    Thanks Chicker… for everything.

  4. Welcome, FD, to the Band! You will rock both your clients and your band mates! Super happy for you that you stepped into the Jordan!

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