Teachable moment…

Today, I reminded my client that his teachable moment with his colleague expires almost as quickly as it appears. You see, teachable moments aren’t very instructive when you wait. Most of us experience moments like my client. A colleague acts in a less than virtuous manner, we cringe, we wish they hadn’t sent it, said it, or done it. However, for a garden variety of reasons (mostly rationalizations) we wait to say something. We avoid the teachable moment, most often out of some misplaced fear. When we finally bring it up, if we do at all, the moment has passed and the feedback is stale.

Teachable moments happen in the day to day. Take advantage of them. Step into them as soon as possible. The problem for most leaders is they wait. Your highest performers want to be coached. Teach them. Make sure you get their attention. The best time is in the moment. You do know how to get your teams attention, don’t you?


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