Tougher on me…

Tougher on me and more tender toward you. I’m working on making this mantra my reality. Leaders, if we’re modeling the way, this is our aim. Tough and tender. Tougher on me. More tender toward my team.

During BTL team practices I’ve been applying this mantra without so much as a mention. The aim is not to suddenly go soft. My aim, in the end, is to make the team better. I know and understand this involves many unpopular moments where, as a leader, I push beyond their comfort zone, into their challeng zone, and sometime into somewhat of a panic. For instance, I recently pushed a couple newbies pretty hard upon first meeting and I pushed myself to tune in and pull them back before panic set in. Tougher on me. Good.

Tougher on me and more tender toward your team – embrace this, leader. This is not a recipe for going soft. Quite the opposite, I’m finding. Who knew?

God, help me model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and embody truth in love. God, help me receive what I cannot earn so I can give what cannot be repaid. God, help me keep working on me instead of worrying about my team. God, help me…

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