Kyle & Kyle…

Today, I practiced with a couple clients on my early morning walk. We covered some good ground together, both literally and figuratively. Next I headed to Dr. Cuttfirstaskquestionslater. She found only one suspect for cut 48. I smiled as I left her and turned toward the airport, even though I’m not going anywhere. Along with a hundred or so other supporters, I applauded Kyle Snyder’s return from Rio. It was great to see Grappy and Kyle in their glory, so happy for them and so happy to share the moment with them. Gurue was there. FM left his opus to come alongside and support. Slo had his best suit on in between client commitments but he was there too. Even downer showed and screamed like a school boy. So fun to see.

And then it hit me. We are here because another client of mine pushed me out of my comfort zone. Funny how stuff works out, huh.

Back on 270 and headed west I made my way to another location and another client named Kyle. Kyle’s authoring his opus and is one of the craziest clients I could ever imagine. Working with him is like trying to break Bucephalus (Alexander the Greats horse). He is seemingly untamable and yet he leans into every practice like his life depends upon it. I never imagined Kyle would find a labor of love in his current work. I had no idea.

At the moment I’m back home getting ready for my final practice of the day. It’s been a full day in passionate pursuit of my opus. A full day is not measured in medals, is it. A full day is measured by how ful-filling are the moments. I’m convinced that Kyle’s triumphant return would have been just as full for him if he had come back with silver instead of gold. As long as he had left a full effort on the mat, pushed himself to the limit, and simply been beaten by a better grappler, his return from Rio would have been just as ful-filling. Don’t get me wrong, the crowd would have been much smaller. I don’t think he would have cared. So, today, put in a full effort regardless the audience, friend. Kyle and Kyle are both living out their opus. One Kyle’s audience is a bit larger and the other Kyle has deeper pockets. Noise to both.

You see I know both Kyle’s kinda well and they both play for an audience of ONE. As Kyle number two told me. “I’m going for my gold medal everyday.” He is. So is Kyle one. How ’bout you, friend? What’s gonna fill you up today? What work is gonna provide its own reward? And, what are you doing to eke out the small, incremental gains toward ful-filling your destiny? Good to be with you, Kyle, Kyle & Clients today. Good to give. Good to receive. Good to feel full. Good…

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