We are, in some strange kinda way, interacting as you read these words. You may be interacting with my thoughts mere seconds after I published them or many moments, weeks, or days. You are not paying anything for this except for the high price of your attention. Your attention, friend, is priceless. Today, via an ever increasing “touch screen” world, our attention is overwhelmed with attractions. You and I can interact with anyone and almost anything via our thumbs. Yes, the world is no longer at your fingertips, figuratively, but under your thumbs, literally.

Leader, do not miss this change in expectation. If your team can interact with nearly everything at the touch of a screen, they expect more access and interaction with you. I’m not telling you how to figure it out, that’s up to you. Just know it’s coming. Your team, especially your youngest teammates, expects their leader to be more interactive. And, they want a seat at the table ’cause they’ve got ideas they at least want to share. As leaders do not be afraid of this desire and demand for more interaction, instead, welcome it. After all, remember, nobody is as smart as everybody. Let that thought sink in, friend.

Good to be with you for a few moments of your busy, interactive day. If you’re a client of mine, you know we’ll be talking soon. Yes, I still prefer talk over text for most of my interacting. Whatever works, works. You choose. Your choices have consequences.

In the future anything that doesn’t interact well will be considered broken. Leader, this includes you. Good…

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