Humans do not hear well when they’re hurting and most humans are hurting most of the time. Humans hear mostly whatever/whomever they are moving toward. Raising your volume, increasing your pitch, and amping up tone are, most likely, a wasted effort when your target is hurting and moving away. Hold your breath. Be with. Understand. Good.

And, when facing a hurting human who is hurting your system don’t be foolish, instead, hold them responsible. As Friedman said so ccd, “It is self-regulation, not feeling for others, that is critical in the face of entities which lack that quality.”

Sometimes the leader is wise to understand and empathize. Sometimes the leader is wise to simply hold another accountable. And, sometimes both. Sometimes the leader cares enough to challenge the hurting human by raising their pain threshold for their own good. Of course, only the strong are capable of evolving the leadership of themselves to properly tune in and prescribe tough medicine for another without themselves medicating too. Be one of the strong, friend, one – distinct, deeply connected, and BTL.

Real. Hard. Work. Good..

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