Agitate by definition means “to disturb, excite or anger someone. To try to get people to support or oppose something. To move or stir up.” Leaders are believers, connectors, and agitators. Leaders stir things up to move us forward. Leaders disturb the status quo and make the mediocre uncomfortable. Leaders excite the elite and sometimes anger ’em too. Leaders agitate.

Today, during a small team practice in a beautiful setting, I agitated my client on purpose. I didn’t agitate because I was angry or because he frustrated me. I agitated him because it’s necessary to make his performance improve. Sometimes you agitate. And, always remember this, friend. Leaders agitate out of belief, not anger/frustration/fear. I mean come on man, what challenge to reach beyond your current grasp isn’t at least a little agitating? And, what kinda leader makes you want to reach – the kind that doesn’t think you get it or the one that convinces you to keep working, keep stretching, ’cause you’ve got what it takes?

Sometimes you agitate. Sometimes you agree. Sometimes you challenge. Sometimes you give courage. Sometimes you empathize. Sometimes you criticize. Real. Hard. Work. See why leading anyone has to become a labor of love, friend?


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