Here are some statistics that don’t lie. A measley 1.3% of trips in the U.S.A. are taken by bicycle. Compare and contrast with Holland where it’s 25%; Germany 14%;  our neighbors up north in Canada are even up over 2%. In America we don’t find the time to ride or even walk like so many of our NA and European neighbors. We tend to sit. Here’s what’s happening inside us as we take a seat. Our subcutaneous fat tends to disappear as we age. Instead, we build up visceral fat. This viscistuff infiltrates our organs, bathing them in a nasty chemical stew that wrecks havoc. Liposection only removes the good, subcutaneous fat. We may look better but we’re far from better. Gotta go deeper and here’s why. Viscystuff can’t be removed safely because it’s intertwinned with organs and blood vessels. What destroys the viscy?


Time to start building some strength, my friend. Start by strengthening your core as core strength is your injury prevention pill. Muscles mortal enemy is viscy. The more muscle you build, the more mitochondria you have. Mitochondria is the fat fighter. Good. Leptin is a hormone produced by fat tissue. Normally it tells the brain, we’re done, STOP eating. However, the brains of obese folks often can’t hear leptin’s screams to stop.  So, they don’t get the message and, instead, eat on. Not good.

Muscle vs. Viscy. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Choose to build some muscle, my friend. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy either. You can choose like my 82 year old friend George and simply choose to walk on. You can choose like Dr. Kanodia and simply stand. You can choose to go all cross fit crazy, or you can choose to push up, pull up, and plank. You can choose to build strength by doing heavy weights and few reps or light/body weight and lots of reps. You can choose yoga. You can choose to swim. You can choose to walk the links or hike the yonder hills. You can choose tennis and you can choose pong – not beer but ping. You can choose soccer. You can choose cycling. You can choose hockey (just don’t go nuts like Z and choose 5 games in 4 days). You can choose to wrestle. You can choose to run. You can choose any number of options as long as you choose to move and choose wisely to focus on form, first and foremost. Build muscle, friend.

Btw, I’m doing a little walking, running, weights, hiking, golfing, riding, and having fun mixing it up along the way. You wouldn’t look at me and think I’m building much muscle either. However, I know how my shoulders feel (best they’ve felt in years/decades), and how I don’t even feel the arthritis in my left hip anymore. I know what I’m building even if it doesn’t really show. You will too. Start moving, friend. Move. Find a few to move with you. Enjoy the journey toward fighting the visceral and building the muscle. I’m heading out soon for one of those 1.3% of our trips taken on two wheels that you pedal. I plan to spin and take in the sights.


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