The gift of hope…

Way back in the day, Chet and Marie Scott (my dad and mom), after surviving WWII, the Great Depression, and the Dust Bowl, decided to get married. As soon as Chet was through medical school it only made sense to start having babies. Settling in Salina, Kansas they were optimistic Jayhawks to say the least. They had seen a lot, survived a lot, and were unbroken.

Hurt seemed constant. Marie’s first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, as did the next two. Hope took a hit. Marie’s next two births, my brothers, Charles Godwin and David Michael, didn’t live a week. Hope hit rock bottom. After a handful of unsuccessful attempts most normal humans would have given up. Chet and Marie, however, decided to keep trying. Kathryn Ann was born on January 6, 1956 and they immediately went for another. Mary Marie came bursting on the scene August 10, 1957 and the Scott family had doubled. Marie was satisfied. Chet, however, wanted one more – he wanted a boy. So, after all those births, all the pain, and in the middle of all the work involved in raising two toddlers and a family medical practice, they pushed for one more little human. Chester E. Scott II came screaming onto the scene on March 25, 1959 and here I am 57 years later writing about it.

Chet and Marie were filled with hope. Thank God they were. They had been through all kinda hard times and acute pain. Hurting, they had not lost hope. They brought babies into the world and gave them what they hadn’t been given – gifts, good clothes, bikes, balls, piano lessons, cars, their own rooms (Not totally true. I had my own room, sisters shared), and more attention than had been given to them. You see, Chet and Marie had big dreams for the kinda world they were giving their children, fueled by their hope for better times. We inherited this hope. We are blessed beyond belief as a result. Actually, we are blessed with belief as a result. You see, leaders are believers. Leaders, the kind you and I will follow, that is, are filled with belief. Leaders believe in themselves, their teams, and their vision. Leaders believe the best is not behind them but it’s just up ahead. Leaders are dreamers. You and I don’t dream if we don’t have hope. I hope you’re getting this and I hope you’re giving it too…

M. Scott Peck was right, life is hard. All of us are hurting including those called to lead us. Pray for your leaders, friend. Encourage your leaders. Thanks Mom for never letting your hurt stop you from giving the gift of hope. I’m forever grateful. Good…

2 thoughts on “The gift of hope…

  1. Wow, I always knew Marie was cool. But she’s also amazing. Thanks for sharing Chet! Miss you guys, hope all is well.

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  2. Chet
    I met your Dad a couple of times and he was kind, gentle and a quiet man. I have had the pleasure of knowing your Mom and when you meet her, you walk away up lifted, strengthened and inspired by her rock solid CORE, her faith and this spirit of Hope!
    You certainly inherited those qualities from your Mom and Dad……AND…..your wife has done a pretty good job of supporting you in all your crazy endeavors!
    God Bless Your Mom and Dad!

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