Authors, in an effort to be ccd and sell books, tend to violate one of Einsteins principles – they make things more simple than they in fact are. Ryan Holiday, a young stud writer, in his latest rant titled Ego is the Enemy, designates an entire chapter to explain why following your passion is problematic. He wants dispassionate people with purpose and realism. Ryan believes many young people are being led astray by the call to find the love in their labor. He’s correct in asserting that purpose matters more and certainly you’ve got to be practical too.

As an example he uses John Wooden, the legendary coach of UCLA basketball. Wooden was very matter of fact in his demeanor, didn’t yell or scream a lot, started every season teaching his team how to put their socks on, and won ten titles too. He was clear on his purpose and stoic like in his detachment and perspective. However, when you study Woodens Pyramid for Success you can’t help but notice the twin cornerstones of hard work and love. You see, Coach Wooden was filled with passion. His language is a little bit 1960ish but here it is. “As a leader you must be filled with energy and eagerness, joy and love for what you do. If you lack enthusiasm for your job, you cannot perform to the best of your ability. Success is unattainable without enthusiasm.”

The truth is you will not reach your full potential simply being practical and filled with purpose, as powerful as this combo is. To sustain your purpose through adversity, the monotonous middle, and especially through wild wins and big accomplishments, your heart must be juiced- you’ve got to love it. So, young person reading this rant, don’t stay too long laboring where your heart hangs heavy. And, don’t expect some employer to pay you for long when your best work is in your after hours hobby. Life is hard. Your labor of love will not be handed to you. You’re gonna have to put in the hard work and experiment, most likely, before your 3P’s line up – passions/purpose/process.

And, leader, you gotta love your work and love your team. Wooden wasn’t popular with the media, administration, and muckyittymucks around town until he retired. There simply wasn’t the time. You see, Wooden was busy loving his players. We need a few more leaders with passion for their work and passion for their players. Be ONE. Good…

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