Here’s some truth you can use, friend. In moments of truth, the elite make quicker, more skillful, and more effective decisions than even the very well trained. The elite oftentimes don’t know how they know what to do, they just do. The myelin wrapped around their neural network provides an almost instinctual response – a presence of mind. The elite are elite because of their ability to not be overwhelmed when unthinkable kinda moments come their way. This ability is built through spirit, mind, and body. You must train all aspects if you want to maintain your cool when the crucible comes calling.

Moments of truth are not the time to start figuring out who you, why you’re here, and what’s the aim of your work/life.

Know who you are, friend. Build within now. Author your CORE. Know why you’re here and the clear goal of your aim – your OPUS. And, fall in love with your training. Find the joy in working and making the balance beam feel like a second skin, if that, friend, is your job. Find the joy in consulting and understanding your clients needs better than even they do, if that, friend, is your life’s work. Find the joy in laboring. Find the joy.

Whatever your aim, if you want to become elite, you’ve got to love it and love it enough to commit to a life of productive action directed at mastering the minutia. The combination of insignificant, small gains is the road to flipping your APU on (Captain Sully) before you grab back the reins. Moments like these are where masters are revealed. And, masters pay attention to details, all kinds of little ones that eventually add up. These men and women have a certain presence about them. We can’t, oftentimes, explain it well with words but we know it when we see it. This kinda presence, of poise under pressure, catches our attention. We feel better simply being around someone with this, well, presence.

Train now. Train, spirit, mind, and body. Build your CORE, OPUS, and Playbook of Productive Action. Poise under pressure, a calming presence, is coming. Good…

1 thought on “Presence…

  1. Thank you, Toto. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Who you are when you’re with them is more important than what you say or so. “Practice the art of being with – of being present” – Dr. Larry Allen

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