Today, during practice 216 with my favorite team ever, we talked about the most deeply rooted truth around time. I asked the team what they think. “Everybody has the same amount,” someone belted out. Another shouted, “Time waits for no one.” “Time is precious, use it wisely, take your time, trust time, good things take time, God’s time, time is now,” and on and on go the thoughts on time. All true too.

Try this one on, friend. Time wins – in fact, time is undefeated.

So, why you waiting around to gain clarity within? Why you thinking you’ll build your CORE when you’ve got more time? Why you thinking you’ll author an authentic opus later on? Why?

The truth is we don’t all have the same amount of time. You may be gone tomorrow. I may be gone later today. You and I don’t know our expiration date. However, we know that day’s a comin! Time is undefeated. Your best bet for living a life worth living is building within now, building an aim now, and building the habit of baby stepping in alignment with each. Today, during practice 216, a team got seared with this deep truth about time. Time wins. Time wins eventually, that is. You can win the day. You can start by winning today. Not much I’ve discovered compares to the clarity I’ve found doing the hard work within. Very cool. So glad I chose to take the time. Satisfied and never done. Well, truth is, not done till I am.

Win today, friend. Win today. Good.

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