Get out of your own head…

Recently I spoke with a friend of mine who is really struggling. I had reached out to tell him I’ve been in his exact struggle and would love to offer a perspective, calm his nerves, and let him know it’s gonna be alright, since I’ve been through it. My intent was good. The talk really never transpired, however. My friend simply told me his struggle over and over again. I listened and patiently waited for him to ask me about my similar struggle. Crickets. My friend kept speaking of his trouble. I kept listening and didn’t really ask many questions – my friend kept speaking without much in the way of prompting. He had a lot to get out of his head, I guess. I continued to listen and waited for him get it all out so he could begin to get curious and gather a wider perspective. He kept speaking.

You see, my friend is all caught up in his head. When you think what you’re dealing with has never been dealt, you get stuck in your head. When you think live is easy and something hard hits, you get stuck in your head. When you develop the habit of running from your acute stuff, you get stuck when it finally finds you.

Life is hard, friend. Get out of your own head. Stop the incessant “woe is me” self chatter. You have friends who want to help you. You gotta let them in, however. There’s no room when your ego’s been allowed to grow uncontrollably for years. Thanks, Ryan, for your book Ego is the Enemy, and especially for your chapter on getting out of your own head. Good one. Good…

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