The choice in Choice Recovery…

“I wanted to thank you for guiding me through the BTL process. Being through BTL has helped me succeed mentally, physically, and in my work performance. I have taken an offer working in a different field, and am so sad to leave FFCC. However, I know it is what’s best for my family, and myself. I’ve got to jump out that window, out of my safe haven, and pray to God I don’t fall on my face.

These are the big points I am taking away from BTL

– I am a dreamer.

– I was sleep walking, and am now awake.

– My life is 1/3 over; I need to buckle down, do some hard work NOW so that i can reach my goals.

– I want, more than anything else, to provide my children with a safe home, exceptional education, and most importantly, a good example.

I hope to see you in the future. Again, Thank you for your guidance.

Good luck and God bless you, Chet.”

Cali wrote me this note 3.5 years ago. She was certain she was running to greener pastures with the XYZ company. She had made her choice and was convinced the time was right to jump, so she did. Don’t miss this next learning from her. You see, it didn’t take Cali very long to realize the grass was not greener on the other side. Quickly she realized her mistake. Here’s the magic. She swallowed her pride.

Cali decided to humble herself and call her former boss and ask for her job back. Few course correct so quickly and humbly. In my work with BTL this is one of those moments of clarity that few have the guts to step into. The reason Cali came back better, instead of bitter, was her strong CORE was built with belief – the belief that it’s not all about her. Instead of being stuck in her head and making it all about her, she admitted her mistake and didn’t compound it with another one. She had the guts to go back. Sometimes this choice is the hardest of all. Our culture and our natural mind tells us forward is the only way, the reality is so often the best way round is retracing our steps and going back. So, Cali came back. Today, Cali is one of the Choice Recovery leaders who isn’t looking back. She and her team of consultants are going forward with rapidity and setting records beyond Durps dreams. Sometimes it pays to take a step back…

Are you humble enough, friend, to admit the mistake you just made? Where is pride stopping you from making the choice to go back and repair? Thanks, Cali, for coming back. Who knew that your choice would be one of the catalysts to Choice Recovery? Who knew…

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