False harmony…

Today, during practice 20, a team came together to speak and listen to truth. This is always good and rarely easy. A year and a half ago there would have been a lot of words used and very little really said. Today, there were still too many words spoken. Teammates danced instead of dealing directly, if you will. But it was markedly better than it’s been –  we are making progress. Good.

False harmony is so popular on most normal teams because real harmony requires real dissonance, first. Funny, to come together as ONE we’ve got to learn to fight like brothers/sisters or even brothers and sisters. False harmony is the norm in most families, among most friends, and between most teammates. You gotta care enough to be teed up by a brother and to tee up as well. And, you gotta remember to give grace and understanding prior to pushing from belief. Your problem, most likely, is you’ve been dancing too long and mistaken harmony for unity.

Unity is hard earned among elite teammates. You don’t have to like each other. You must have respect. And, don’t forget, exclusive clubs are only elite if they exclude those that are not. False harmony is easier. You are most likely better off shooting for something that feels good even if it’s false. Real unity is real, hard, work. What kinda team you building, friend? What is holding you back from becoming ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL.? Tell me more, friend. Actually, tell each other more – more truth. Good…

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