Practice leaders…

Yesterday, during practice 7, a few teammates allowed me to build them in front of their peers. I asked for permission, in my kinda direct manner, and then hit them with some truth in love. I didn’t hit them in a hurtful kinda way but in a caring, helpful way. You could tell they felt helped by the way they reacted. You see, this team, including these teammates did a lot of laughing yesterday during our 90 minute practice. They did a lot of laughing as they learned. Our practice was not some comfy “lunch and learn” kinda affair, don’t get me wrong – this team worked and whistled while doing so. Good.

Turtle is gonna open his mouth a little bit more while he’s thinking. He tends to internalize and hold his thoughts in. His teammates could benefit from his processing but they don’t ask. You see, they’ve been taught you don’t ask the introvert to come out.

I did. I do. I’ve come to learn they’ve got a lot mo once you get ’em going.

Timmyd learned he’s gonna be better by closing his mouth a bit more while he’s processing. He takes “wearing it on his sleeve” to an extreme. There is a time and place for sharing and, believe it or not, a time to go a bit more turtle. He’s gonna learn to lean against his tendency to tell all. Funny, how complimentary this couple.

And, Ms. Wallcomingdown is gonna speak her highway with a bit more “shoot.” Ms. Wallcomingdown tends to bite her tongue out of some misplaced fear and her teammates want to hear more from her in these moments of truth that happen everyday in millions of ways. This team in the middle, yesterday, learned that it’s not their place to seek consensus just ’cause they happen to be positioned as a service arm. Their place is, well, their place. Their place is to perform and lead. Their place, as leaders, is to sometimes play Curious George and sometimes play “my way IS the highway.” You see, this team is a team of leaders – Practice Leaders. Yesterday, they were vulnerable with each other and with me. Yesterday, they inspired me with their willingness to trust each other. Yesterday this team of leaders practiced changing some limiting behaviors even though they are winning with what they’ve got. You see, this team isn’t satisfied with simply winning, so, they are practicing with the aim toward an ever improving performance. Good.

Well done, practice leaders. Actually, well done Leaders…

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