Warmth. You can be tough as nails or soft as tissue paper. You can be an imposing personality or nice, neat, and quiet. You can be a mans man or a meek man. You can be a liberated woman or the complete opposite. We will follow you with our whole heart, but only if you exude warmth.

Warmth comes from within. Warmth, by definition, is “the quality of being intimate and attached.” You see, regardless your personality, busyness, business, or position, if you want to lead a team that runs through walls with you and for you, you must deeply connect with their souls. You must know them and they you. You must want to know more about them than they could possibly desire to know about you. You must be interested, understanding, insatiably curious, and committed to them – first. Your team has to sense your warmth before they hit the wall if there’s any hope of going through. Warmth.

As I coach leaders over the years I can quickly assess those with warm hearts that come from deep burning embers within and those who are lukewarm. Lots of smoke. No fire. Yes, you can find smoke with no fire. So, my friend, if you want a better team, might I suggest you look within for more fire, first. Ask yourself these two questions.

How can I increase my love for my work? Write it out. If you’ve fallen out of love with your labor, write about some basic, kindling kinda ideas to spark the flames. If you feel like you’re a soul on fire and already burning red hot, ask a few teammates who you sense feel singed from your flame instead of warmed. If you can’t think of any, ask your best friend to help. The more you deeply love your work the better you can build the next love – love for your team…

Ask yourself to assess how deeply you love each and every teammate around you. Now ask yourself a tough follow up. How can I increase my love for teammates x, y, and z? Write it out. Be honest. Ask a truth teller for help. You see, real warmth comes from within. Think about your family, your closest loved ones. Most likely, these relationships have some warmth to them. This warmth isn’t biological as much as its proximity and relational. We have warmth with loved ones because, well, we share love for one another. Want a better team? Work. Yes, I mean work on being a warmer leader. Work on building more real fire. Love. Love more. Good..

Warmth. You cannot lead a team to the height of performance without warmth – the quality of being intimate and attached – sounds a lot like a derivative of becoming ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL. Warmth…

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