Many moons ago, exactly when I’m not sure, I seared my buddy Kary (PJ). We were talking about him pursuing his OPUS which was clearly taking him away from his role as Pastor. He was trying to do what so many of us do; pursue his passion without leaving his place. Rarely works. I listened, smiled, and offered him nothing in return. After a few seconds of quiet, he broke and asked me what I thought. My response was clear, concise, and direct.

“You can’t take the ring and stay in the Shire.”

Being a fellow Lord of the Rings follower, PJ got my message. He imagined Frodo’s passion and his acute pain and extrapolated this thought and made it his. Seared he was.

So, he did what he felt God calling him to do and he jumped. Literally, he left the Church and began his next chapter, his next expression as a solo artist of sorts. He could have taken the easy route and jumped into another tame setting like Maxywell. He could have taken his chances as a builder with BTL. He could have made this move much safer and much less painful. He chose not to. He chose to embrace the acute pain and follow his calling and his caller. He made the right call. Good PJ. Good.

PJ is a real stud you see. PJ is a believer who is facing his fear and focusing his mind. He’s changing the world and I have a front row seat. You see, PJ is writing books, running seminars, and coaching folks all with the aim of “igniting their souls.” Since he grabbed the ring and left the Shire four years ago, PJ has helped around 50 folks write their book. Later this month, he’s running another one of his weekend seminars for his tribe and he’s got over 150 souls showing up. Very cool, PJ.

We are going to grow old but not tired together. I love his passion for his company and deeply respect his work. BTL is in him. We’ve been blessed. Today, as I watched him grimace and groan in the 3PP, I didn’t see some punk in pain. I saw a not so young man pushing himself on purpose. I saw a man with clarity around why he’s here. And, as he walked away I noticed a confident stride. His shoulders were slightly pulled back and his spine – strong. He smiled broadly, gave me a solid fist bump, and was off.

PJ has left the Shire. Good…

4 thoughts on “PJ

  1. I think PJ is pretty awesome, too. Sadly, I can relate (I consider my place the grind… I love it, but my passions are competing.). I’ve heard much about you, Chet, sir. I do believe I heard you are attending? Looking forward to meeting PJ’s mentor. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this blog. Really loving the LOTR analogy. Stories are meant to inspire, motivate, and lift us to a higher level. Thank you for helping me remember something I’ve always known, but have forgotten.

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