Last night, during practice 30 with a team of grapplers, I taught the few paying attention a bit more about their justice thread. Actually, I tweaked a few of them on purpose. Isn’t it funny we learn more when our teachers care enough to cause us pain. You see, applied properly, pain instructs. So, last night, a few tweaked souls were given the gift of pain with the aim of instructing them along their path. Only they will determine, however, if the dose delivered turns into medicine for their mind. Remember this, friend, about your justice thread – it’s overly tuned toward you. All of us get tweaked and want to get even. Remember to teach your kids that there will be many times when they will be mistreated and cannot make it right. Remind them that their teacher/coach oftentimes won’t make it right for them. In fact, those same authority figures may make it worse. Justice for all is illusionary. Sad and true.

And, if you believe like me, you can remind them that this yearning for “things to be put to rights” points them to believe in God. Huh? Why is it that we can’t make things right with our co-workers, neighbors, and loved ones? Why is it that you and I can’t even put ourselves to right, you know what I mean? Why is it that I know what I ought do but oftentimes fail to do it? Why? There are really only a few ways to answer these why questions. The most popular one today, of course, is “why bother.” Another popular approach is simply to seek power. Hey, “he who has the gold makes the rules,” kinda mindset. Nietzsche would be so proud to know his Uberman aim has found many a willing heart.

Or you can say that the reason we want justice within and with others but can’t quite grasp it, is because there is someone whispering in our ear who, as N.T. Wright puts it so beautifully, “cares very much about this present world and our present selves, and who made us and the world for a purpose which will indeed involve justice, things being put to rights, ourselves being put to rights, and the world being rescued at last.”

What, my friend, do you believe about your justice thread, why we all have one, and why we can’t seem to even put ourselves to rights? Why have we humans made such progress in so many areas but still struggle like the ancients when it comes to ourselves and dealing with each other?

Slow down and reflect, my friend. Slow down…

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