Share the spotlight…

“I read the chapter about humility this morning. I am prideful in the worst way. As I read that I did feel that as my core gets stronger, it is easier for me to become prideful about the work I’ve accomplished and look down at others, instead of up. Gosh, this hit home. I think I read the CS lewis paragraph early on with you and it didn’t sink in. But after feeling good about my opus, feeling like I have a stronger core than I did X months ago, it made a lot more sense.

I need to practice this more. practice all the things that a leader needs to do to not let pride disrupt the progress of becoming a better leader.

And man that CS lewis quote. Summarizing here….. we aren’t prideful about the things we are good at, we are prideful when we are better at something than someone else….. that theory always makes me smile because it is so true.”

The first step to building humility is realizing the need. Today, this client and another one of mine took the first step. They both looked in the mirror and reminded themselves to look up. The strong CORE centered, self controlling, humble man looks in the mirror to take responsibility and looks out the window to give credit – the proud man does the opposite. What are you building today, my friend? More pride or more humility. We could use a few leaders who’ve built such deep reservoirs of strength that they don’t have to parade around and show off for others. Strong men/women, girdled by humility, share the spotlight with others which makes their team feel more – not less. I’ve got more work to do. How ’bout you?


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