Empty the tank…

Empty the tank, friend. Empty the tank. If you want to improve your performance in whatever your endeavor, remember this – you have way more in the tank than you think you do. Push harder. Reach more. Take yourself to the edge of your challenge zone. Good.

Tuesday/Thursday/and SEAL Saturday are empty the tank days for me, physically. Today, after 40 minutes of body weight work, this old dog ran it for 6 miles in a nice, cooling, Fall rain. As I headed up the last hill, I pushed the twigs for a little extra. I still didn’t empty the tank, however. More work to do. I’m still too afraid to taste the edge where I might not make it back home. Why in the world would I worry about not making it home? Kinda silly and sad to admit but my weak mind needs more work. Fact. Our performance gains, remember, are mostly mental – even for old dogs like me. We’ve gotta visualize the gain instead of focusing on fear & pain. Keep working, friend. Keep working.

Now I’m off to push myself to serve others toward their aim. Let’s see how far I can push them toward their own full effort. Let’s see how willing they are to empty themselves through their effort. Let’s see how creatively I can help them. Let’s see.

Empty the tank, friend. Empty the tank. What’s the point of arriving at the end with half a tank in reserve? Empty the tank…

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